Welcome to the Growing Together project page. On this page you will find regular updates, photographs and information about the year long project being run with Nightingale Class. The project is being run by Mr John Cross and Dr George McGavin.

Starting at the end of January, they will be visiting school every month to work with the children in Nightingale Class. More details about the project and the events will be posted later but if you are a parent of a child in Nightingale Class  or are just generally interested in the project,  then please come along to the information evening on Wednesday 30th January 2019 at 7pm when John and George will be talking more about the project and how it is going to run.

In the meantime here is an introductory message about the project, put together by George and John

” Today there is a growing awareness of the effects we are having on the natural world and many of us are thinking about how we can live healthier and more sustainable lives.

Cheapside resident Mr John Cross has enlisted the help of  myself, TV Zoologist Dr George McGavin, the Thatched Tavern and Cheapside  School to develop an exciting new project. Growing Together is aimed at helping children understand the links between food, health and well being and the environment.

For example, it has long been known that high fat and high sugar foods are very damaging and children today need to develop the skills to make choices about food and understand the benefits of eating a balanced and healthy diet. One aspect of the project will be to encourage home grown produce, which can lead to greater self-sufficiency and reduced pollution. In addition children will be encouraged to explore the natural environment and understand the plants and animals that can be found there and the roles they play.”

As a school we are incredibly excited about the project and the impact we hope it will have on the children and families. We are also very grateful to George and John who are giving up their time voluntarily to run the project with us. Please do try and come and along on the 30th January to find out more about this fantastic opportunity for the children in Nightingales Class. Please find below a copy of the letter going out to Nightingale Class about the information evening.

Project Launch Information Evening

Dr George McGavin                                                     Mr John Cross