Welcome to Kingfisher Class: the Year 4 class at Cheapside School.  Mr Streather teaches the class with Mrs Montieth working as a teaching and learning support assistant. Mrs Milne supports the class for Maths.

General Notices:

Forest school is on Wednesday mornings. The children have had their first session so they know what to bring and wear. P.E. is on Thursdays, so please make sure that kit is in school; kit may also be needed on other days, so please make sure that P.E. kit stays in school all week.

Outdoor shoes are required in school at all times so that the children can access the school field at play time.  These can be outdoor trainers or wellies. These must be separate from PE trainers as sometimes PE will take place in the hall.

Reading books and reading records should be in school every day.


Homework is set on a Friday and should be completed by the following Thursday.  Currently, homework comprises weekly spellings and times tables, daily reading, and Maths and/or English. Occasionally there may be work or research for a different subject.  Please sign your child’s reading record when they have been listened to.

If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr Streather.

Forest School information

Wednesday 13/12/17

This was our last forest school session and the highlight for many! The children have really enjoyed bacon sandwiches around the campfire. We have also made some fabulous Christmas decorations. We took some time around the camp fire to reflect on our forest school experience. Below is a word art image that reflects the most popular thoughts and words from the children about their forest school experience. I have also include some quotes from the children about what they thought of forest school. On a personal note I have loved working with Kingfishers, they have been a pleasure to take out into the forest each week and I will miss our Wednesday mornings. Hopefully we can schedule some more sessions later on in the year.   Happy Christmas – Mrs Summers

Thoughts about Forest School

Thoughts about Forest School

Quotes from Kingfisher Class about their Forest School Experience.docx

Wednesday 6/12/17

Kingfishers had another great forest school session this week. We begun by playing some trust games to build team work and the children really enjoyed this. They impressed us with their thinking skills and how well they can all work together, trusting their peers to support them. This week the children were invited to explore stone age paintings, some children made mud and used mud to paint stone age pictures. Others wanted to build on the shelter work we did last week and many children had another ago at shelter building and explored making tools. A small group of children made some bird feeders for the woodland using pine cones and we were really excited to discovery birds feeding from the feeders before we had even left the woodland! The session finished with hot chocolate made using the kelly kettle and the highlight – toasting marshmallows on the camp fire.  Yum ! Next week will be the last forest school session for Kingfishers, I have had requests for bacon sandwiches and we will be making some Christmas decorations. We are hoping to offer more sessions in the summer term.

Toasting marshmallows

Toasting marshmallows

Pine cone bird feeders

Pine cone bird feeders

Wednesday 29th November

This was a rather chilly session in forest school, luckily we lit a fire this week and indulged in a stone age feast – fruit stew with apple and berries. Some of us loved it and some of us did not!! We used this session to have a go at building some Mesolithic temporary shelters. The children had a go at making models of tee-pee shaped structures and using a clove hitch and sheer lashing to join their sticks to form a structure. We hope our visitors enjoyed seeing forest school in action. Kingfishers only have 2 forest school sessions left , so if you were thinking of volunteering for a session with your child’s class then please let me know.  I would really appreciate your help and it helps make the session so much more interactive and supportive for your children.   Mrs Summers


Wednesday 22nd November

We have had another great forest school session this week. We have been building shelters for ourselves using tarp and ropes. We all really enjoyed the session but found out that building human shelters was not as easy as we thought! We had to think about making it stable and securing the tarp using ropes and knots, not easy on a windy day! We all manged to successfully put up a shelter and we also discovered that working as a team takes work! Next week we will be travelling back in time and building stone age temporary shelters. Some further information about this is attached below. Thank you very much to Rocco’s Dad for coming in to help out and sharing some useful survival information.

Shelter building using tarps.

Shelter building using tarps.

IMG_3217 IMG_3219 IMG_3223 IMG_3220


Year 4 shelter research homework

Wednesday 15th November

We have had another great morning in the Forest this week. We began by playing some warm games, bat and moth. Through the game we learnt all about how a bat uses echolocation to locate prey, we found out how challenging it can be to just rely on your sense of hearing rather then sight! We were designers this week, designing and building animal shelters. We had to think about suitable locations, materials that would insulate and also be waterproof and then we had to consider how our shelter would protect us from any predators. We also made a plasticine model of the animal we had built a shelter for! This week we had a catering team who did a great job using the fire strikers to make a spark. They then went onto making us all hot chocolate by boiling water in the kelly kettle. Well done! The hot chocolate was yummy as well! Thank you to Mrs Brady for helping us out this week, we hope you had fun as well.

A bird's nest

A bird’s nest

IMG_3925 IMG_3923 IMG_3921

Wednesday 8th November

Our session in the Forest this  week took on the theme of remembrance. The children have learnt the story behind the poppy and have made their own wooden crosses to mark Remembrance Day. The children have been whittling to make points, and they learnt how to tie a clove hitch and a square lashing to tie their sticks together. Finally they attached a poppy to the centre of their stick. We placed out poppies in the ground and took some reflection time whilst listening to a reading of the poem ‘In Flanders Field’ by John McCrae.

Remembrance Poppies

Remembrance Poppies


Reflections on the session.

Reflections on the session.


Wednesday 1st November

Kingfisher’s have had a great first morning in the forest. They have been making twig skeletons, building dens for mini-beasts, looking for mini-beasts and exploring evidence of animal life in the woodland! We had some great team work, and some innovative ideas!! My personal favourite was the acorn run! We think we have even found some evidence of animal life , please ask your child to tell you all about it. They are all looking forward to the next session.

IMG_3883 IMG_3884 IMG_3885 IMG_3886 IMG_3887 IMG_3888 IMG_3889 IMG_3890