Welcome to our Class page. We hope you find the information posted here useful and that it gives you an insight into what has been happening in Wren Class. We will post regular updates letting you know what we have been up to in class, and add any useful materials for supporting your child at home. Details will also be included of any home learning challenge. We hope you find it useful.

Mrs Thomas - Class Teacher

Mrs Thomas – Class Teacher


Mrs Summers - Class Teacher

Mrs Summers – Class Teacher


Mrs Birchenough - Classroom Assistant

Mrs Birchenough – Class Assistant


Wrens Classroom

Wrens Classroom


Wrens Outdoor Area

Wrens Outdoor Area

George McGavin Visits Cheapside

On Friday we were very excited to welcome George McGavin into school. George is an Honorary Research Associate at Oxford University Museum of Natural History and Senior Principal Research Fellow at Imperial College. George spent the morning delivering a fascinating talk to all the class about invertebrates and shared some of his amazing knowledge. The children enjoyed seeing some fantastic photographs and learning all about the many species of invertebrate living on the planet. We were very grateful to George for taking time out of his busy schedule to come and share his knowledge and passion with our children.

George McGavin

Mobile farm visit

The children in Wrens, Robins and Doves had a fantastic day on Thursday meeting farm animals from Miller’s Ark Mobile Farm. The children spent the day meeting the donkeys, a pig, goats and kids, ducks, geese and chickens. The children learnt all about their features and how to care for them but mostly memorable were the cuddles and the chance of getting up close with the animals. All the children had a wonderful day!

Miller’s Ark Farm

Happy Half-term!

Have a great half term holiday everybody and hopefully you can enjoy some lovely sunshine! Can you have a go at the home learning challenge below? Don’t forget to keep up with your reading! We look forward to seeing you back in school in June when we will begin our new topic – Animal Magic!

May Half Term Bean Plant Home Learning challenge (3)

Forest School 24/5/18

Today was a day of exploration in Forest School, we began by exploring colours in the forest and making Hapa Zome prints. Hapa Zome is the Japanese art of beating up leaves with hammers,  pounding natural pigment into cloth. The children really enjoyed this activity. Due to the damp day, it was perfect for minibeast hunting and the children were so excited at discovering snails, slugs, worms and lots of other creepy crawlies!   Amelia made a beautiful butterfly feeder for the newly released butterflies! We finished the session by toasting bread on the camp fire and having hot chocolate. A great end of our topic on plants and the launch of our new topic – Animal Magic!

IMG_3906 IMG_3908

 Some of our amazing forest creatures!

Some of our amazing forest creatures!


Hapa Zome prints

Hapa Zome prints

IMG_3910 IMG_3911 IMG_3912

Beautiful butterflies!

Wren Class have really enjoyed watching our caterpillars turn into butterflies. They have enjoyed observing the life cycle and were very excited yesterday when the day came to release them in the pond area. We invited Mrs Rahme into school to watch the big moment and to thank her very much for donating the caterpillars. It really was a very special moment and we all loved it!

IMG_3903 IMG_3899 IMG_3896 IMG_3895 IMG_3894

Our beautiful butterflies!

Our beautiful butterflies!

Work on the allotment!

Wrens Class have been enjoying working on our allotment. Last week they got to grips with planting and watering. We planted salads, strawberries, peas and herbs. The children have also been reading the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables and learning all about plants we can grow to eat. A big thank you to Adnan’s family for their kind donation of the vegetable plants.

 Allotment planting

Allotment planting

IMG_4556 IMG_4558 IMG_4559

Wren Class letter about reading

Welcome back to the summer term, we hope you all had a good Easter break despite the weather!  We can’t quite believe that this is the final term! This term we have been joined by Mrs Coe who is a student teacher. She will be doing some of the teaching in Wrens Class this term under our direction and she is settling in well and getting to know your children. This term, our topic is Plant Magic, and the children will be learning all about plants. Our Literacy texts will focus on plants and growth. Please continue to help your child master recognition of the phase 3 phonic sounds and to recognise them in words, (see the phonics materials attached in a previous post) We are having a big focus on reading and we would like you to focus on this area of learning  at home over this term.

Would you like to help with reading?

We are still looking for some support with reading in Wrens. We are looking for any Parents or Grand Parents that would like to come into school once a week and hear readers. We would really like to give the children opportunities to read 1-1 with different adults. It is a lovely experience and we are sure you would enjoy it. Please come and speak to us if you are interested.

Happy Easter!

As we come to the end of a very busy term, we would like to wish you a very Happy Easter and to thank you all for your continued support. We hope you enjoyed our performance in the spring concert last week, we thought the children did an amazing job!  Below our some images to highlight all the lovely work we have been doing about Easter. The children have learnt the Easter Story and through a variety of different activities they have explored the  symbolism of Easter. They have enjoyed hot cross buns on the camp fire, Easter garden making, pop up picture stories, egg decorating, as well as reflecting on what Easter is all about. If your are looking for some ideas for Easter holiday activities then detailed below are some Easter home learning challenges that you might like to have a go at with your child. As always we would love to see the results in class or as always you can post photographs and observations on Tapestry. Also included is a signs of spring spotter sheet, the children might really enjoy seeing if they can find these signs of spring if you are out and about this Easter.

Have a wonderful Easter and we look forward to seeing you ready for the summer term.


super-springtime-spots (2)

Our Easter work

Our Easter work


Phonics update

We have now finished delivering the Phase 3 phonics to most of Wrens Class. For your information, detailed below are the phase 3 phonic sounds that your child should now be beginning to recognise in words and when reading their book. They should also be beginning to use these sounds when writing. Please continue to work with your child on recognising these sounds.  Also added are the phase 3 tricky words that your child needs to recognise on site. Please note that these are the same sounds and words that were given to you as a handout on Parent Evening. Thank you

Phase 3 phonic sound mats


Parent Evening Materials

Thank you for attending Parent’s Evening last week. It was lovely to see you all and to update you on your child’s progress. We discussed with many of you how you could support your child at home with reading and maths in particular. As well as the support materials we gave you on the night, we have summarised some ideas for helping your child with maths and we have also attached some sample questions you can use to support your child with their understanding when reading. We hope you find them useful.


EYFS reading questions

Forest School Wednesday 23/3/18

Wrens had a lovely morning thinking about Easter. We spent our forest school session making Easter gardens and adding the key symbols of Easter that need to be included in an Easter garden. All the children worked really hard on making their gardens and they were very proud of them. Thank you to all the parents for sending in materials for the gardens. Well done Wrens, these are beautiful gardens!

IMG_3602 IMG_3603 IMG_4185

Week beginning 12/3/18

Wrens really enjoyed having a special visitor into school on Thursday. We met the author and poet James Carter  (see photo below).  We were treated to a mixture of music and poetry: a really inspiring morning.  James helped us write a poem altogether with Robins and Doves.  All the ideas and words came from us, James just helped us to structure it and helped us with the rhyme! We think you might like it! Have a read below.IMG_0294

Amazing Animals

By Wrens, Robins and Doves


Happy as a hippo

Scratchy as a cat

Angry as a rhino

Flappy as a bat

Cheeky as a monkey

Splashy as a whale

Bouncy as a bunny

Slimey as a snail

Humpy as a camel

Buzzy as a bee

How many animals

Can you see?


Wren Class – week beginning 19/2/18

This week we have been basing our learning around Chinese New Year. The children have had a great week learning all about the Chinese River Race story and how the names of the New Years are decided. They have acted out the story using props and masks. The children have also been learning about how New Year is celebrated and some of the customs and traditions associated with Chinese New Year.

They have enjoyed making lanterns, dragon masks, cards, dragons and they even had a go at preparing a Chinese New Year feast and eating it with chopsticks!  In Forest School we made our own Chinese Dragons and made them breath fire! We also had a dragon parade with music and dance.

Our maths activities have focused on counting on to add and understanding teen numbers.

In phonics we have introduced the new sound oi and have continued to work on recognising tricky words. Many of the children are struggling to recognise the tricky words in their reading and we would ask that you work on these at home. We did send these home as flashcards in your reading pack at the beginning of the year but in case they have been mislaid we are attaching another copy.

Please could also remind you to ensure that your child has their reading book and reading record in school every day and that you help your child to change their book when they have read it.

Thank you

Wrens Class- week beginning 29/1/18

This week we have read ‘Where’s My Teddy’. The children are beginning to write independently and some decided to write the whole story using pictures as prompts, fabulous work. We have also been using 1 minute timers to see what we can do in one minute. We estimated first, e.g. how many times we could the length of the playground and then timed it. The children enjoyed finding out how close their estimates were. In phonics we have covered the sounds ai, ee, igh, and long and short oo sounds. In the last couple of weeks we have started to timetable regular ‘show and tell’ sessions. These will take place weekly on a Wednesday afternoon. The sessions will we half and hour long and we will give priority each week to children who have not already brought something in.

Wrens Class – week beginning 8/1/18

This week we focused on our school. We had to use our careful observation skills to locate different parts of the school building using close-up photo shots. We also talked about our daily routines on school days. In maths we tried estimating the number of objects in groups of up to 20. The children found this quite challenging so some practice at home would be helpful. We also began looking at teen numbers and how the numeral indicates that these numbers are made up of ten and some more. In phonics we revised ch, sh and th and introduced the sounds ng and nk. We have also been focusing on tricky words and would ask if you could work on these at home with your child.

The tricky words we are focusing on are: the, to, into, I, no, go, he, she, we, me, be, you, all, are, her, was, they, my

We talked briefly about healthy living this week and what we need to think about to have a healthy lifestyle. The children had a go at designing their own healthy lunch and they used their sounds to write a shopping list of the things they wanted in a healthy packed lunch.

In Forest School we read the story of ‘Stick Man’ and the children really enjoyed making their own stick men working on the clove hitch knot and attaching sticks together.

PE will still be on a Wednesday afternoon this term.

Wrens Class – week beginning 1/1/18

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Thank you for your thoughtful gifts and cards, they were much appreciated.

The children have returned happy and settled well into the new term. Our new topic this term is ‘Our World’ We will be looking at the local area and making comparisons between their everyday lives, homes and experiences with those of children living in different parts of the world. Attached below is an overview of what we would like to cover in each of the areas of learning for your information.

This week we have learnt 2 new sounds ‘ch and ‘sh’ . In Maths we have talked about the days of the week and have used songs to learn the order of the months of the Year. We have also talked about New Year Resolutions and the children have all made their own New Year Resolutions.

Forest School will continue to be on a Thursday morning so we would like the children to arrive in school in their Forest School clothing. Please consider the weather as it is getting colder and wetter so the children need lots of warm layers. You are welcome to send the children in with their uniform in a carrier bag to change into, although we are very happy for the children to remain in their forest school clothes for the remainder of the day. They wear waterproof trousers and a coat in the forest so their clothes tend to stay protected. If you could spare the time at the beginning of the day to help your child into their waterproof trousers then that would be very helpful.

PE days are under review and we will update on the PE day next week. For now please send in PE kits on Monday so that we have them in school ready to use when needed.

If your child is reading books, please could you help them change their book in the morning at drop off if they need to. If your child is at rainbow’s in the morning we will help them to do this.

Home Learning Challenge – Maths

This week your child has made and taken home a 2018 calendar. Please use this calendar to help with number recognition and counting on. We talked to the children about crossing out each day at the end of the day, this is a great opportunity to ask open ended maths questions e.g.

How many days have we had this month?

What is the date today?  What was the date yesterday? What will the date be tomorrow?

How many more days until the 10th of the month?

How many days until the end of the month?

There are lots of opportunities for number recognition, counting on and counting back.

Are we half way through the month yet? How do we know?

How many days have we had?

What month will it be next? (Ask your child if they sing the Months of the Year song!)

Topic Overview – Spring Term 2018

Our New Year Resolutions

Our New Year Resolutions


Forest School Winter Spotter Challenge - how many can you spot?

Forest School Winter spotter Challenge – how many can you spot?

Wrens Class-week beginning 4/12/17

Wrens have been focusing on the Nativity story and thinking about the meaning of some of the symbols and customs associated with Christmas. They have begun making Christmas decorations and cards and have been learning songs in preparation for the EYFS/KS1 Nativity, to be performed for parents next week (Tuesday 12th Dec).

We have now completed our work introducing the children to all the initial letter sounds. Between now and the end of term we shall be focusing on tricky words .

Despite the wet weather, the children have had a great session in Forest School this week, where we made some Christmas Tree decorations. There are some lovely observations on Tapestry as well. Despite the wet weather the children really enjoyed our morning and there was some fabulous den making happening as well! Well done Wrens!


Christmas Trees made at Forest |School

Christmas Trees made at Forest |School

Home Learning Challenge

Write some cvc words. Sound out cvc words together and build them using the letter cards in your child’s reading wallet. Once the words are built, use the cards to support your child in forming the letters correctly. Here are some words to get you started:

mat, net, sat, fun, hut, lip, wet, zip

These words all start with an initial sound that can be stretched, making segmenting and blending easier, e.g. ‘mmmaaat’.

Photograph the work and post it on Tapestry, or bring it into school for us to display.

Wrens Class – week beginning 20/11/17

This week we have focused on stories about Percy the Park Keeper. The children have drawn pictures and written labels or captions about the story. They enjoyed using small world pictures and props to act out little stories. They have also enjoyed using the role play area. Towards the end of the week we learnt about one of the animals from the story – the hedgehog. We learnt some useful facts about hedgehogs and found out that they hibernate in winter. In forest school we made some hedgehogs out of clay and we also made them a little home to hibernate in. We have also read the story ‘Leaf Man’ and created our own leaf creatures. You can see some of our fabulous pieces of work on the display board in Wrens cloakroom, there are also some pictures on tapestry of the fabulous hedgehogs.

In phonics we have been working on the sounds h, b and f. We are continuing to really work on blending sounds to read simple words and on letter formation. In maths we have been looking at 2D shape. We have been naming and describing rectangles, squares, circles and triangles. The children have enjoyed printing with shapes and using them to make pictures.

Home Learning Challenge

Go on a shape hunt around your house, can you find examples of the 4 basic shapes in your house? Could you take a pictures of some objects in your home that have that shape and post them on tapestry? Tell an adult all about the shape you have spotted!

Wrens Class-week beginning 13/11/17

This week we focused on the story ‘Owl Babies’. The children loved watching an animated version of the story and thought up words to describe the owls. They made adorable baby owl collage pictures and learnt some key facts about owls.

file1 file-1

In phonics we have learnt the letter sounds e, u and r. We also continued practicing sounding out and blending cvc (consonant-vowel-consonant) words and have been reading simple phonic captions. The children are working on their pencil grip and letter formation using the instructions on their letter sound cards.

In maths we have been securing recognition of numerals up to 10 and 20, ordering numbers and forming numerals correctly.

In music we have been learning simple songs including nursery rhymes and practicing clapping in time to the beat of a song.

Home Learning Challenge

Practice letter and numeral formation. You could use pencil, pens or chalk; paint, squeezy bottles of water on the patio, a shallow tray of sand, or cornflour gloop.  Add your work to Tapestry so we can see how amazing you are.

Wrens Class- week beginning 6/11/17

This week we have focused on bonfire night. The children shared their experiences and we watched an exciting fireworks video to help us think of words to describe the fireworks. The children then produced some firework art.

firework words

firework art photo

Phonics- we have focused on the letters- c k and ck

Maths- we have covered length and capacity. We used mathematical vocabulary when comparing the length, height or capacity of an object.

Home learning Challenge

This week encourage your child to compare the length, height or capacity of objects at home. You could help your child to find objects that are taller or shorter than him/her. You could compare the capacity of different containers in the kitchen. Here are some of the words we have used in class when talking about length and capacity:

tall; taller; tallest; long; longer; longest; short; shorter; shortest; length; height; compare; full; empty; half full; capacity; more; less; greater than; container

Forest School – week beginning 6/11/17

Wrens have been thinking about Remembrance and the significance of the poppy in forest school. They have made a poppy by joining together 2 twigs using a square lashing. It was really tricky but we were amazed by their perseverance, well done Wrens!

Remembrance Poppies

Remembrance Poppies

Forest School – week beginning 30/10/17

Wrens have had a great time in the Forest this week. We have had an autumn theme and we have looked at what we can create using autumn leaves and seeds. The children enjoyed conker paint rolling, making leaf catchers and conker creatures.

IMG_3152 IMG_3150 IMG_3062 IMG_3061

Wrens Class Newsletter week beginning 30th Oct 2017


Wrens Class Newsletter week beginning 16 (1)

Wrens Newsletter – week beginning 9-10-17

Oats and beans song lyrics

Wrens Newsletter – week beginning 2/10/17

Autumn letter to parents 2017- EYFS

Wrens Newsletter Week 2



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