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Update: End of Summer Term 1

We’ve had a great time in Nightingale Class over the past few weeks.  The children have really enjoyed exploring India through their work not only in Geography, but also in English and Art.

In English, there has also been lots of writing including writing narratives, instructions and descriptions.

Finally, in Maths alongside their ‘normal’ Maths they’ve also undertaken an investigation looking at the links between numbers and the patterns they can create.


Update: w/c Monday 30.4.18

We are all settled back into the school routine after the Easter break.  This half term is packed full of activities linked to our learning.  In English, the children will be flexing their writing muscles working on their descriptive and narrative skills.  In Maths, we are beginning to look at how to multiply numbers above 12 and finishing our work on statistics, where we have mulled over all sorts of interesting information including the size of people’s feet in our class!

Lots of our work over this half term will be connected to the Geography topic: India.  Among other things, we will be exploring traditional Indian tales, looking at the importance of the river Ganges to Hindus in R.E., and in Art and DT we will look at Indian art, festivals and food.

The Bananagrams final is beckoning as we have now made our way through the preliminary rounds, quarter and semi-finals.  Our two finalists are looking forward to a closely fought battle this week.  It has been wonderful to see the enthusiasm with which all the children have undertaken this class challenge.  Alongside expanding the children’s vocabularies and helping with their spellings, it has also shown Nightingale Class to be great sports as the children have accepted both defeat and victory graciously, and have supported their peers going forward.  Watch this space for news of the Nightingale Banangrams Champion 2018!

Trip to Hampton Court Palace! w/c Monday 26.3.18

Hot on the heels of our exciting History lessons about Henry VIII, his wives and Tudor life, we were able to explore this most magnificent of Henry’s homes.  The King used it to demonstrate magnificence and power in every possible way, through lavish banquets, extravagant court life and expensive artworks.  The children enjoyed visiting the fascinating kitchens, wine cellar and the Great Hall. We were astounded to discover that as many as 600 people ate, slept and partied here whenever the royal court visited! How busy the kitchen staff must have been!  Some groups were even treated to a fully-costumed play, moving from room to room, which portrayed the suspected heresy of Henry’s 6th wife, Catherine Parr.


Hampton Court Palace also boasts many beautiful gardens, including the Tudor Garden with its animal guardians, the Wilderness Garden (alive with thousands upon thousands of beautiful bright yellow daffodils) and the Great Fountain Garden, with its beautifully pruned yew trees.

Tudor Garden Wilderness Garden

It was a fantastic visit, which really enhanced our studies and Nightingale Class hugely enjoyed the day.  A special thanks goes to Mrs Ward, who very kindly gave up her time to accompany us on the day.

Bananagram Mania, Terrible Tudors and other exciting stuff! w/c Monday 19.3.18

We are continuing to enjoy Bananagrams and the first official head-to-head competitions have begun.  It won’t be long until we’ll be crowning our ‘Top Banana’.  Do keep encouraging the children to practise at home if you are able; there have been lots of ingenious suggestions as to how to practise, such as using Scrabble letters without the Scrabble board.

Some of our amazing Bananagrams!

Some of our amazing Bananagrams!


On Thursday, we were lucky enough to have the author and poet James Carter visit the school (see photo below).  We were treated to a mixture of music and poetry: a really inspiring afternoon.  This was one of our favourite poems:

I, the moon,
would like it known – I
never follow people home. I
simply do not have the time. And
neither do I ever shine. For what you
often see at night is me reflecting solar
light. And I’m not cheese! No, none of
these: no mozzarellas, cheddars, bries, all
you’ll find here – if you please – are my
dusty, empty seas. And cows do not
jump over me. Now that is simply
lunacy! You used to come and
visit me. Oh do return,
I’m lonely, see.


Nightingale Class are hugely enjoying learning about the colourful life of King Henry VIII, as well as exploring various aspects of Tudor Life, such as Sports and Pastimes, Homes, Health and Medicine and Crime and Punishment.  A particular favourite is the ‘Divorced, Beheaded and Died’ song! We are very much looking forward to our trip to Hampton Court Palace next week!

We know that many of you are interested in exploring other books with your child, along with the school reading books.  Here is a list of fantastic books that we recommend.   Happy Reading!

Year 3 Reading List

Update: w/c Monday 5.3.18

Despite the cold weather and subsequent snow, Nightingale Class has been packing lots into the last couple of weeks.  We’ve begun our Bananagrams Challenge and the children are really enjoying creating crosswords with the letters, as you can see from the pictures below. The competition will begin to get a bit more serious over the next couple of weeks, so do ask your children if they’ve had a go at it yet, and if you have the game at home please encourage them to have a game or two.


The children also really enjoyed sharing their potato creations on World Book Day.  What a creative lot they are!  Can you work out which characters from well-known children’s books are represented in the selection below?  A big thank you to all parents and carers for supporting the children with this task.


Update: w/c Monday 19.2.18

We are delighted to welcome the children back after the half term break.  We are all refreshed and ready for our learning over the next few weeks.

In History, we’ll be studying the life of Henry VIII, and in Music and Art we will be continuing our work on Chinese Dragons.  In Maths, we will be starting the term by working on fractions and time.  Finally, in English we will be building on our composition skills through letter writing and creating instructions, whilst also honing our grammar skills.

Please note: Our days for P.E. have changed this half term and are now Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please make sure that children have their P.E. kits in on these days; we recommend that P.E. kit stays in school throughout the week, as occasionally plans may change at short notice.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to us.

Mrs Roberts & Mrs Ryker

Update: w/c Monday 5.2.18  

The children have started the new year with great enthusiasm and we can’t believe that January has already flown by.   They have enjoyed the exciting topics we’ve covered so far this term, including: writing their own fairy tales in English; learning about volcanoes and earthquakes in Geography, and having fun with magnets in Science.

We were very sorry to say goodbye to Mrs Deeks at the end of last week, but wish her well for the future.

As this half term draws to a close, we thought it might be useful to remind you of a couple of Maths websites that the school uses which the children can practise their Maths on.  Weekly Maths tasks and games are set on Abacus at and times tables practice is available under the ‘Garage’ section on  Logins and passwords are on the inside front cover of the children’s homework folders.

Forest School Session 4.12.17

Nightingales really enjoyed their topic linked session this afternoon. The children worked in small groups building stone age temporary shelters. Well done to all the children for all their research into stone age shelters and the materials that would have been used. Their designs were fantastic and Mrs Ryker and I were very impressed with their team work and enthusiasm. Great job Nightingales! Mrs Summers

Stone age shelter and tool.

Stone age shelter and tool.

Nightingale Update 20.11.17:  We are so excited to be welcoming Year 3 back into our new classroom.  The room looks amazing and we know that the children are going to love having this new space.  Each child now has a locker allocated to them and so everything that they bring into school can be kept in these.  If you have any questions about the new classroom set-up please let Mrs Ryker or Mrs Roberts know.

Welcome to Nightingale Class: the Year 3 class at Cheapside School.  On Mondays and Tuesdays, Mrs Ryker teaches the class and on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, Mrs Roberts teaches the class.

Year 3 is the beginning of the learning adventure in upper school and is an important transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.  The children have more personal responsibility and are really encouraged to take care of their things, of the school and of the other children around the school.  They also have lots of new thing to learn and enjoy!

General Notices:

P.E. is currently on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so please make sure that kit is in school on these days; kit may also be needed on other days, so it is best if pupils leave it in school all week.

Outdoor shoes are required in school at all times so that the children can access the school field at play time.  These can be outdoor trainers or wellies.

Reading books and reading records should be in school every day.


Homework is set on a Friday and red homework folders should come back into school on a Wednesday.  Currently, homework comprises weekly spellings and times tables, and daily reading.  Please sign your child’s reading record as often as they read.

If you have any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Roberts & Mrs Ryker

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