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A Final Farewell and Some Ideas for the Summer

We have had such a fantastic year in Nightingale Class and a quick trawl through the page below gives a little flavour of all that we have done this year.

If you are at a loose end over the summer holidays here are some things you could do to keep you ticking over:

TTRockstars – your logins will still work! Or some other Maths websites that we’ve enjoyed working on this year such as or

You could keep working on your KIRFs:

y3autumn1 kirfs

Or your spellings:


If you feel like going out and about, how about you try to complete the National Trust’s 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4 list:


And it’s always worth checking out the many activity suggestions on the Nature Detectives page at

Whatever you get up to, have a great break and we look forward to seeing you back at school as Year 4s in September.

w/e 19.7.19

As part of some end of term fun, Nightingale Class had a lovely afternoon playing board games, whilst being served refreshments!  Please enjoy these pictures, a few also from an earlier games session – you may even spot children  ‘bustin’ some dance moves’, when attempting to ‘Walk like an Egyptian’….all in the name of our History topic of course! 🙂  Thank you so much for all your support this year – we have so enjoyed teaching your wonderful children.  Happy Holidays!



















































Well, what a fantastic time we all had at the ‘Sausage Sizzle’ at the Thatched Tavern on Tuesday 9th July!  The children had a fascinating session learning all about the herbs grown in the Thatched Tavern’s lovely new garden and thought about the herbs specifically going into their sausages and burgers.  Everyone then had great fun making meat sausages and burgers or veggie burgers from scratch, using only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.  The children then took part in a quiz to answer questions such as ‘What is Dr McGavin’s favourite soup?’ and ‘What types of herbs are used in the sausages?’  Mr Cross then gave some prizes for children who had shown real interest, engagement and learning!

In the evening, we were all so delighted that so many of you arrived with other family members to a feast of delicious sausages, burgers and salads.  It was so lovely to see you all – thank you for coming!

We would also like to thank our helpers, Mrs Newland, Mrs Slight and Mrs Chambers, who kindly gave up their morning to support the children.  It also goes without saying that we also owe huge thanks to C. Lewis Butchers, who very kindly donated all the meat to us for the Sausage Sizzle, George McGavin and John Cross.  Here are just a small selection of pictures for you to enjoy.  For more detailed information about our day, please visit the ‘Growing Together’ section of the website. 🙂




















w.e. 21/6/19

It hardly seems possible that we are already nearly half way through our last half term in Nightingale Class.  As always, we have had a busy few weeks since the half term break!  In English, we have been writing letters linked to the book The Day the Crayons Quit and having great fun trying to persuade the crayons to come back.  In Maths, our focus across all strands of the curriculum has been on our reasoning and problem solving skills.  The children have been showing some excellent general knowledge as we’ve begun to investigate what humans and animals need to keep themselves healthy in Science, which they will be able to put into practice when we have our next Growing Together session at the Sausage Sizzle on Tuesday 9th July.  In History, we have been learning about Ancient Egypt looking at things like why the River Nile was so important to Ancient Egyptians and also linking our learning in History to some of our writing in our English lessons.

w.e. 24/5/19

What a wonderful time we had on our Nature Ramble.  We were so lucky to be able to explore the habitat on the Silwood site and we found all sorts of insects using the array of apparatus that was made available to us.  Here are a few pictures but there are lots more on the Growing Together page.  A big thank you to Mrs Slight for joining us.







The links below are for the next set of challenges – there’s lots to choose from this month!

May Home Learning Challenge

tracker sheet – May session

FOREST SCHOOL REMINDER: Just a reminder that the children are back in Forest School this half term.  Their Forest School sessions will be taking place on FRIDAY AFTERNOONS, so please make sure that the children bring into school the required clothing on Friday mornings.  Although we are hoping for fine weather, it is worth ensuring that your child brings a light raincoat into school on these days in case of rain.  There will be one weekly P.E. session this term, on a Monday afternoon, but as always we ask that full P.E. kit is kept in school all week in case there is a change of plan – especially as we start working towards Sports Day!

w.c. 20/5/19

We’re really looking forward to our latest Growing Together session, which will be our Nature Ramble with Dr George McGavin on Wednesday afternoon.  Just a reminder that children will need to bring their Forest School clothes with them to school on Wednesday together with a waterproof coat and sturdy outdoor shoes (trainers or wellies are fine).  Lots of the children still have wellies or suitable trainers on our rack, but if you have taken them home whilst we’ve not been in the forest, please make sure you bring them in on Wednesday.  Also, don’t forget to bring in your Tracker Sheets and completed challenges!

w.c. 13/5/19

Many thanks to the Royal Ascot Cricket Club for running cricket sessions with Nightingale Class over the last three Fridays.  The children have really enjoyed the experience and should have come home on Friday with a flyer about the club.  Now that cricket is finished, we are back to having P.E. on a Tuesday and Wednesday.  These days can change without notice however, so please ensure that your child has their full P.E. kit in school every day.


We have finished our dragon eyes.


They really enjoyed this art project and we’re sure you’ll agree the finished products are pretty impressive!













w.e. 26/4/19

We hope that you had a good Easter break.  The children have settled quickly back into the school routine and have got straight into the swing of things.  On Friday, they had their latest Growing Together session about pollinators with Dr George McGavin.  Details of this and the winners of last month’s prizes will be posted on the Growing Together page.  In the meantime, here are tasks for this month:

home learning challenge -pollinators

tracker sheet – April session

Kingfisher Class is now back in the woods for Forest School.  Nightingales will be back out there in the second week after half term; we will send out a reminder nearer the time.

P.E. sessions this half term may be changeable so please can you make sure that your child has their P.E. kit in school every day (they can be left in lockers for the duration of the week).  For the next two weeks they will be having P.E. on a Tuesday and a Friday, and then it is likely that the Friday session will move to a Thursday.  We are very lucky to have someone from Royal Ascot Cricket Club teaching cricket on Fridays for three weeks – we had our first session on Friday.

w.e. 5/4/19

What a busy term this has been.  We were so proud of all the performers in the Year 3&4 production of ‘Pure Imagination’.  It was a great celebration of acting, dancing and singing and we hope that you enjoyed what was a really special occasion.  We also enjoyed having the opportunity to share a wonderful evening with the families who joined us for the Takeaway the Take-Away evening at The Thatched Tavern – if you haven’t already, do check out the photos on the Growing Together page.

In Art, we have been working with clay and some fantastic dragon eyes have been created.  Here are some examples of the work so far; I’m sure you’ll agree that they are very impressive.










Homework – the children should all have brought home a sheet of the Year 3 & 4 statutory spelling words.  They have been asked to familiarise themselves with these words and ensure that they know the meaning (not necessarily the spelling) of them all.


Finally, we wish you all a very restful and happy Easter break and look forward to seeing you all after the holidays.

1.4.19 – Tudor Day with Portals to the Past

The children had an amazing ‘Tudor’ experience today!  As you can see, the children looked absolutely fabulous in their Tudor costumes!

First of all, we learned about the history of the Tudors, before handling some weird and wonderful artefacts, trying to guess what they would have been used for.  These included the’scold’s bridle’, (a metal contraption designed to silence gossiping women), a puzzle pot, a pomander, coins and branding irons to mark thieves and vagrants.




















Our code-breaking skills were then tested as we deciphered a secret code used by Mary Queen of Scots, when imprisoned in the Tower of London.  We then completed a quiz, using information and sources from different boards set up, before using our strategy skills to play a Tudor board game called ‘Merrills’.








After lunch, we delved into the bizarre world of Tudor medicine, in which sick people consulted either a barber or a wise woman to receive weird and largely useless remedies!  See the pictures to get a taste of what was on offer!














We then traded insults using some choice Tudor language, in which random verbs, adjectives and nouns were put together to insult people! See some favourites below! 🙂








We then tried our hand at some Tudor dancing and finished off with a jousting tournament.








A thoroughly enjoyable day, which hugely enhanced our learning about Henry VIII and the Tudors!


w.e. 22/03/19

The children have been rehearsing very hard this week for our performance and are so looking forward to wowing you with their singing and dancing.  Please find below a copy of the costume list (Year 3 details are at the end of the document) and also the words to all the songs, which they need to know off-by-heart.  Their homework this week is to be word perfect for Wednesday’s show!


When I Grow Up from Matlida The Candyman Spread a Little Happiness Pure Imagination

w.c. 18/03/19

We are very much looking forward to next week which promises to be a busy one for Nightingale Class.  First, we have our Take Away the Take Away evening on Monday 25th March at the Thatched Tavern – all details are on the Growing Together page.  If children could please bring in their tracker sheets on Monday morning so we can see who has won this month!  Hopefully, there will be lots of up-cycled pots and posters too.

Secondly, we will be sharing the play the children have been working on with you all on Wednesday 27th March at 6:30pm in the school hall.  Letters with details of costumes and song lyrics came home with the children on Friday – if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Finally, it was good to see many of you at Parents’ Evening last week.  If you were unable to come, but would like to make an appointment please do ask either of us and we’ll be happy to sort something out for you.


We were pleased to appoint a new ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’, seen here in front of our aquarium! Our fishy friends will be leaving us in a couple of weeks and we will be very sorry to see them go!








w.c 4/3.19

Well done to our  fantastic ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’, seen here proudly holding his certificate! He has shown huge interest in our fish and has been incredibly efficient and professional in his role.


We’re having another busy, fun week in Nightingale Class! Two new fish called ‘Panda Corydoras’ have arrived. They are a type of catfish and, as their name suggests, they have distinctive black and white coloration. The Panda Corydoras are great scavengers that snap up any food that falls to the bottom and they are usually be found in this part of the tank.

The children enjoyed completing their weekly task – here are some of their colourful pictures. 

Our very efficient ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’ ensured that the new arrivals had a calm entry to the tank – well done!

Growing Together – Dr George McGavin visited us for a fascinating session on ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’.  Please see the Growing Together part of the school website to see more information and photos of the session.

Portals to the Past – We are really looking looking forward to this workshop on Monday 1st April.  Please do complete and send in the form sent out earlier this week – many thanks!

w.c. 25/2/19

We hope that everyone is feeling revived and ready to learn following our half term break.  Here’s a reminder of some of the exciting things happening this week:

Fishkeeper Fry

We have two new fish arriving this Tuesday – a type of catfish called a Cory – so we’re very much looking forward to them joining our thriving aquarium.

Growing Together

On Tuesday morning, we have Dr George McGavin joining us for our next Growing Together session all about reducing, reusing and recycling.  Please do look at the Growing Together page on the website to keep up to date with all the information about this fantastic project.  The children need to bring in their half term ‘homework’ about food miles for this session.

Forest School

Nightingale Class is back in the forest this half term.  The children will be going into the forest on Thursday mornings and, as previously, will need to come into school dressed for the forest but bring their uniform with them to get changed into.  Remember that they will need the following school PE kit items:

  • A pair of warm tracksuit bottoms or leggings, navy blue or black. The school PE tracksuit bottoms are ideal for this.
  • The school PE jumper
  • The school PE T-shirt
  • A waterproof coat
  • A pair of trainers and a pair of wellington boots that will be kept in school.

As always, we will be providing waterproof trousers for all the children using the forest but it is essential that the children have the correct clothing and footwear.   Whilst the weather has been lovely over the past couple of weeks, please make sure children come in prepared if the weather turns colder again.  You also need to ensure that PE kit comes back into school on a Monday morning, as the children will be continuing to have PE every Monday.


This week, our new arrivals were 6 attractive Harlequin Raspora fish.  They are pretty creatures with a distinctive black wedge shape on their bodies. This week, I chose our ‘Fishkeeper of the Week’ because of his huge enthusiasm about the fish in our class.  He has been most diligent and very skilled, helping to introduce the new fish into the tank, as well as assisting Mr Ryker in hoovering the tank and then changing the water.  Our Fishkeeper has also been expertly helped by his assistant!






The children also have tasks to complete each week and I thought this work was stunning!








However, some rather sad news greeted us on Thursday, when it was discovered that three of our new little Harlequin fish had passed away.  Swim in Peace, fishy friends…..

w.e 8/2/19

Much excitement again this week, as we welcomed more fish into Nightingale Class.  This time, our new arrivals were four Red Wagtail Platys, which originally hail from Mexico.  Interesting fact: Platys are all born as females and some then turn into males.  They also give birth to live young, called ‘fry’.  The platys were very shy at first and hid behind the aquatic plants, avoiding their more established Danio companions.  However, they soon found their feet (fins?!), and started to explore, swimming around happily and having their photo taken! Stay tuned for more fishy news this coming week…..


w.e 1/2/19

We are sure that your children have told you that we are one of the lucky schools to take part in ‘Fishkeeper Fry’, an initiative run by Maidenhead Aquatics to educate children about keeping fish.

After setting up the tank, testing for various chemicals in the water and adding fresh plants, we finally added some new arrivals this week!  Six pretty Zebra Danios are now happily swimming around, keeping the children amused! The children are very excited and in the coming weeks, we will be adding different species of fish and learning more about the fish keeping process.  Watch this space!

w.e 25/1/19

The children have made a fantastic start to the new term and have really hit the ground running.  In Maths, the focus has been time and fractions and they have worked hard on exploring these areas with lots of practical activities.

This term, there are lots of cross-curricular links as our Science and Geography topics overlap: in Science we are learning about Rocks and Soils, and in Geography we are learning about Extreme Earth.  The children are really enjoying these topics and are making excellent links between what they’re learning about volcanoes and then applying this knowledge when learning about igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to have happened in our classroom so far this term is the arrival of a fish tank!  We are very lucky to be taking part in Fishkeeper Fry, a project designed for Year 3 children which looks at keeping a tropical aquarium and learning how to care for the fish that will soon arrive to live in the aquarium.  Watch this space for updates about our new arrivals!

w.c. 7/1/19

Welcome back from the Christmas break and a very Happy New Year to you all.  We hope that you’ve all had a joyful time and that everyone is refreshed and ready to start the new term.

The end of last term was jam-packed with activities and the children had a wonderful time including creating Christmas art, preparing for and then performing in the Christmas Carol Concert, enjoying a fabulous Key Stage 2 Christmas lunch and participating in a variety of festive games.  Alongside all of this we also managed to include some work: studying the Christmas story in R.E.; writing winter-themed poetry in English; introducing some fraction work in Maths and completing our whole class book – The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark.

We also went on another Nature Walk to see how the school’s outside environment has changed since our walk at the beginning of the Autumn Term.

Autumn leaves on the bark area.
Dew drops on a fallen leaf.
Most trees had lost their leaves but the silver birch still had a few on it.

Please note that P.E. days this term are on a Tuesday and a Wednesday, but P.E. kits should stay in school all week in case of an unexpected change.

w.c. 26/11/18

We have had a packed couple of weeks here in Nightingale Class.  The children have been working hard on their measure work including some fantastic practical sessions exploring volume and capacity.  They have also been embarking on various mathematical investigations including an exploration into whether or not the answer is always even when you multiply an odd and an even number.








In D.T. we have been working with Kingfisher Class on our food project; so far the children have tasted a variety of breads and have considered what sort of fillings might be appropriate for a main meal sandwich.  At the end of this week, we are all really looking forward to actually making our own sandwiches.



Two of the breads we tasted: Black Forest loaf and a spicy tomato loaf.



Finally, as the weather becomes colder, please can we ask that children come dressed appropriately to school with a warm coat, hat and gloves – especially on Forest School days (when thick socks are also a necessity!).  Thank you.

w.c. 12/11/18

We are all settled back in now after the half term break and the children are really enjoying their Forest School sessions.  If you haven’t already looked, do check out the Forest School webpage; it is updated weekly and tells you all about what they have been doing in their sessions.

In English, the children are really enjoying reading The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark about Plop the owlet and his family.  With Mrs Ryker the English work has been linked to the history topic, exploring the world of ‘Stone Age Boy’. In the forest, we are also linking to this topic, whilst looking at the following themes: Clan and family, The woodland supermarket, Shelter, Tracking and hunting and Spirit Worlds.

In History, Nightingale Class has been enjoying delving into the past, as we learn about the time period of the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. Using relics and evidence from the past, we are investigating such fascinating questions as ‘Was Stone Age Man just a simple hunter gatherer?’, ‘How did life change when man learned to farm’, and ‘Why did they build Stonehenge?’ We will also be looking at the lost village of Skara Brae, an ancient village found buried on an island near Scotland and unearthing its secrets about life for the people who lived there. Finally, we will become history detectives of the Iron Age, as we unfold the dastardly goings on at Maidens Castle!

At the end of last half term, we loved learning about ‘Diwali’ and the story of Rama and Sita. Many thanks to Mrs Vijay, who kindly provided some resources and lent us some celebration clothes to try on!


The children have had a busy final week of the half-term.  They focused on the festival of Diwali in R.E. and performed some of their shadow puppet theatre creations in Science.

As you know, next half term the children will begin their Forest School sessions for the year.  These will take place on a Thursday morning and just to reiterate that they will need the following school PE kit items:

  • A pair of warm tracksuit bottoms or leggings, navy blue or black. The school PE tracksuit bottoms are ideal for this.
  • The school PE jumper
  • The school PE T-shirt
  • A waterproof coat
  • A pair of trainers and a pair of wellington boots that will be kept in school.

As a school, we will be providing waterproof trousers for all the children using the forest but it is essential that the children have the correct clothing and footwear.   You also need to ensure that PE kit comes back into school on a Monday morning, as the children will be continuing to have PE every Monday.  Please see the timetable below to give you a picture of what is happening this half term.

Daily Timetable – Autumn 2

Some children have not been able to access the school field at lunch time since the weather has become wetter because they haven’t had the correct footwear.  Please do make sure that your child has a pair of wellies that can stay in school at all times; these can be left on the rack outside Nightingale Class.

Finally, have an enjoyable half term break.  If you’re looking for activities to do there are some good ideas on the Nature Detectives section of the Woodland Trust website –

w.c. 8/10/18

We have been working hard in Nightingale Class over the past few weeks.  In English, the children have enjoyed working on ideas based around the book Flotsam by David Wiesner, using their inference skills to deduce what is happening in the fantastical pictures inside the book.  In Maths, they have been busy measuring all sorts of items of differing sizes.

We really enjoyed National Poetry Day last Thursday and the children enjoyed searching the school to find the teachers’ favourite poems.  We also read together What is Pink? by Christina Rossetti and then had a go at creating our own versions of the poem:

What is Pink?

What is pink? a rose is pink
By the fountain’s brink.
What is red? a poppy’s red
In its barley bed.
What is blue? the sky is blue
Where the clouds float thro’.
What is white? a swan is white
Sailing in the light.
What is yellow? pears are yellow,
Rich and ripe and mellow.
What is green? the grass is green,
With small flowers between.
What is violet? clouds are violet
In the summer twilight.
What is orange? why, an orange,
Just an orange!

Many thanks to those of you who have provided shoe boxes for our Science investigation this week.  Watch this space for an update on how our investigation has gone.

Parents often ask us for book recommendations that their children might enjoy, so please do look at the link below which includes a variety of books to read together or that the children might enjoy reading for themselves.  We hope you find it useful.

Year 3 Reading List

w.e. 21/9/18

We were delighted to see so many parents at Meet the Teacher this week.  We hope that you found this informative and if there’s anything more you’d like to know, do ask.  Please see a copy of the handout below, together with the KIRFs for this term and the timetable (remember the timetable is just a guide).

Nightingale Class Parents’ Handout

y3autumn1 kirfs   Daily Timetable – Autumn 1

The children will have brought home their Homework Books for the first time this weekend.  There is a spelling task for them to complete and next week there will also be a written times table task.  In addition to this, they should work on the KIRFs and use TTRockstars to support their times tables.

Last week we enjoyed a nature walk around the school.  We will be taking a nature walk every few weeks, so that we can log the changes in the seasons throughout the year.

Can you spot the butterfly?

Delicious-looking blackberries, but the children followed the Forest School mantra of ‘No Pick, No Lick’.

Signs of autumn!

Welcome to our new Nightingales

We are very excited to be starting the new term in Year 3 and are looking forward to getting to know all the incoming children.  Year 3 is the beginning of Key Stage 2 and the children really have the opportunity to get their teeth into some exciting topics over the course of the year.  With the move into Key Stage 2, comes greater independence and responsibility, and we know that the children will really rise to the challenge: taking care of their belongings in and around the school; looking after the classroom and being role models for the younger children.

Mrs Ryker teaches the class on a Monday and Tuesday, and Mrs Roberts teaches on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  There is no Forest School this half term, but the children will have a weekly Forest School session with Mrs Summers after half term.

P.E. is currently on Mondays and Wednesdays, so P.E. kit must be in school on these days, however we ask that kit stays in school all week in case there is a day change or it is needed for another reason.

Outdoor shoes are required in school at all times, so that the children can access the school field at play time.  These can be outdoor trainers or wellies and can be kept on the rack outside the classroom.

Reading books have now been given out and the children should be reading to someone at home every day if possible.  The children have also received Reading Records; please sign these every time you listen to your child read.

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to let us know.

Mrs Roberts & Mrs Ryker

inspiring quotation 2