Welcome to the Autumn term in Dove class



The teacher is Fiona Day and the Teaching Assistant is Elizabeth Birchenough. We have 23 children in Dove class. We also have a new member of our class and his name is EVOD , he will be going home with a different child each Friday and returning on Monday, so that  it’s not too onerous for parents there will be 1 sheet of A4 card in his bag to record his weekend away. Children can record the information  in any way they like and could include: photos, drawings and/or writing.

It’s the third week of term and we have a very happy little class who are working brilliantly. KEEP IT UP DOVES!!




Before Christmas Dove class learnt all about the Great Fire of London and wrote some fabulous chronological reports of the Fire. We also had a lot of fun making buildings out of             recycled boxes, covering them in paper and drawing on windows and doors and then we set them up outside the classroom – making sure they were very close together.We set fire to one of the boxes and watched in horror as they  were  all soon in flames and burnt down to the ground in a matter of minutes.



London’s burning!!


This term Dove class have loved listening to The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. They decided they would like to recreate him using recyclables. First they had to dismantle boxes and paint them ‘Iron’ colour and then they worked brilliantly as a team with each table doing either the legs or the arms etc and then attaching all the body parts together with gaffer tape. Two polystyrene balls covered in red completed the look. He didn’t last long sadly but he timed it perfectly with the ending of the book!

Summer Term 2019 

Thank you to those Parents who attended the meeting today about the upcoming KS1 SATS. Please click on the link below to view a copy of the presentation from the meeting.  Thank you.


End of term

Mrs Ryker and Mrs Roberts are very much looking forward to welcoming you into their class in September.  Below is some information about Nightingale Class (Year 3) that you might find helpful.

Have a great summer.

Welcome to Nightingale Class