Forest school at Cheapside School

Welcome to the Autumn term of Forest School ! The forest is looking great and full of life ! Forest school sessions will have a different focus each week but all classes will be looking at how the forest changes as we move into the Autumn season. All classes will be focusing on tree ID this term, and we are very excited at the prospect of planting new tree saplings in November that will act as screening for the borders of the forest school site. Look out for regular updates on what we have been up to in Forest School ! For new parents or those that missed it, attached below is a review of forest school for the last academic year for your information. Each week we offer the children a hot or cold drink (weather dependent) and a snack. Toasting marshmallows to accompany the hot chocolate is also a very popular request. This year I would like to invite parents to donate any items they feel able to our forest school snack bank. Attached below is a list of some of the items we get through on a very regular basis, if you feel able to donate any item it would be greatly appreciated! Please send any donations in with your child or at the office.  Thank you in advance.

Forest school clearance day

Forest School Snack Bank

Forest School Reflection and Review

Year 5 and 6 biodiversity project letter

Year 5 and 6 Parental Consent forms for biodiversity project

Wednesday 17th October 2018

Despite the wet weather, Wrens had a great day in Forest School. We arrived to  find a letter from the Little Red Hen asking for our help to bake bread rolls. We had to help her make the dough, build the fire to cook the dough and of course  eat the rolls. We also enjoyed singing some songs and nursery rhymes around the campfire.

Yummy bread rolls !

Watching the bread rolls being cooked.

Friday 12th October 2018

Robins and Doves have had great forest school sessions this week. Both classes have been thinking about what an animal needs to survive. They have learnt that wood mice live in burrows under trees and that they feed on berries, nuts and seeds. In Doves they needed to ensure that they included everything a wood mouse would need to survive. In Robins the children were very creative, they made traps to catch predators like foxes and made their wood mouse a slide and a playground.










Thursday 11th October 2018

Kestrels and Owls have been busy researching the trees in the forest. This week they selected a particular tree in the woodland, used identification trees to name it and then calculated its height and circumference. They also looked for lichen, fungi and moss on their tree. A group discovered that one of our poplar trees might have a squirrel drey in it!








Kingfishers have spent the morning making dream catchers, with some very impressive results and the catering team did a fantastic job making hot chocolate using the kelly kettle. Well done Kingfishers!









Dream catchers by Kingfisher Class – what ideas or dreams will fall through the catcher and which ones will you catch?















Wednesday 10th October 2018

Wrens had a great day today in the lovely weather ! We were nature detectives this week and the children were using their senses to explore the forest. They used their eyes to find different places in the woods, we listened for the different sounds and we used our noses to collect some different smells to create our own smelly potions. The children all had great ideas for names for the potions. There was also some lovely group play going on in the mud kitchen area, groups playing hide and seek and a game of stepping stones over the lava invented by the children. Great work Wrens

Thursday and Friday 4th and 5th October 2018

This week has been poetry week in school, with National Poetry day on Thursday, so our Forest school sessions have had a poetry focus. Kingfishers have had a go at using the woods to inspire their poetry writing about the changes from an acorn into an oak tree, and Doves have had a go at arranging lines to create their own autumn poem about autumn leaves. Below are a few examples of their creations.

Poetry Writing in Forest school.






















Wednesday 3 rd October 2018

Another great day at Forest School with the Wrens. The children were invited to  make some stick friends and then make them a home in the woods. I was really impressed with all the stick friends that were made ! We also had a go at using natural materials to make the different letters the children had been learning in class. Well done Wrens !

Mud fun !

Making letter shapes

Our stick friends !



Wednesday 19th September

Wrens Class had a brilliant first session in the forest today. I was really impressed with all the Wrens and how well they manged for a whole day outside!! Once we had got the boots and waterproofs on we headed into the forest only to discover that the dinosaurs had escaped from their bucket and were hiding somewhere in the forest ! We got into dinosaur detective mode and armed with binoculars and magnifying glasses went off in search of the missing dinosaurs. Many of the children also discovered different animals and insects as well and were delighted to do so. In the session after lunch we split into 2 groups where we did some simple games on the field and then used the forest to collect some special treasures to make a treasure stick to take home. All the children had a go at using a knot to attach string to a stick. Well done Wrens for your enthusiasm, engagement and perseverance !

Friday 14th September

Robins and Doves had a great forest school session this week. In Doves we went on a nature scavenger hunt. We had a leaf quiz at the start of the session where  we had to identify the tree that 5 different leaves had come from. Try asking your children if they can name the 5 trees? We also had a go at finding the tree that the leaves had come from. The session ended with a class favourite – toasted marshmallows!

In Robins the children made nature sticks by collecting objects that interested them and then working on knots by attaching the objects to string and then onto their stick. Some of the children also had a go at collecting objects to match an adjective e.g. spiky, thin, fat, round, rough, smooth. We learnt the names of 3 trees, try asking your children if they can name the most popular tree in our forest? Marshmallows finished the session off nicely!

Thursday 13th September

Today was Roald Dahl day in school, so  to celebrate we had a Roald Dahl themed session. Kestrels and Kingfishers read an extract of Billy and the Minpins and then got their creative juices following by creating The Gruncher from the book and some Minpins. The children had to work in groups where the focus was on listening and responding appropriately to others.  They were also using spoken language to develop understanding through imagining and exploring ideas. During the session we talked about team work, negotiating and compromise. The children produced some creative pieces and of course enjoyed the campfire and marshmallows. Below is a selection of some of the Grunchers and Minpins!  Some of the children got very excited by the discovery of some larva under a log. We spent ages considering what he could be, some children even took the photo home for some further research. We decided it was Stag Beetle Larva but see what you think !


and finally any suggestions for the larva?